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Laws on Animal Cruelty

            An animal's value and their status in society has taken a shift since the start of the late 20th century. Debates have raged over the inhumane, suffocating conditions animals are subjected towards for the development of vaccines, cosmetics and drugs. On either side of this ongoing discussion the ethical and moral standards are considered/ conflicted. Animal cruelty or subjection of an animal to inappropriate treatments it is counter inductive to humans morality and also shows the degree to which humans can abuse their power. .
             One of the main aspects of the Hippocratic Oath is 'Do no harm'. In the beginning this rule applied only to human begins and many have rigorously stated that animals aren't inclusive as they do not possess an immortal soul (as per religious heretics). However, it is always wise to consider that in the 21st century many have relinquished their religious affiliations and may also fall into this category of having their soul dammed. The idea of soul and its subsequent moral dilemmas have evolved from the 17th century thus indicating that as time changes morality/ ethics need to be revised in light of new enlightens. As veterinary surgeon James Herriott stated 'if having a a soul means being able to feel love, gratitude and loyalty then animals are a lot better of than humans.' Times have changed and with it so should our standards. By subjecting animals to a life of loneliness, continuous testing, or any form of torture we are depriving them of their quality of life. It is a moral as well as an ethical issue as such treatment of humans would be a clear violation human rights. To deny animals their due respect is to state that humans have the power to subject those in the animal kingdom not deemed their equal an inferior treatment. .
             The laws which are used to govern society are to ensure that every individual despite race, religion, gender, wealth has a equal opportunity.

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