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Defining Progress

            From the time of child would we have been taught that progress have different definition. One of the most common definitions of progress is the moving forward or improvement. From the down of civilization man has made tremendous progress in every aspect of human society. There is lot of progress happening in every corner of the world. But not all the progress is from new advancement in science and technology but other developmental activities too. While enjoying all the conveniences and happiness brought about by the progress, it has also caused several problems. Scientific advancement is often praised by many as the most essential part of developmental activities but along with it comes the trouble and worries to people. Not all the advancement which comes with the progress is good. In-fact it become night mare to some of the individuals and nation. .
             Before the modern age, ethnic cultures and traditional were widely practiced. But today due to progress in mass media and society, ethnic cultures and traditional are slowly deteriorating. Nowadays people would rather spent their most of time inside the house than going outside and mingling with their family members and friends. In Bhutan, the number of people attending the "Tshechu" and other religious festival are constantly decreasing. The people would love to use gadgets and mass media to watch live telecast of the program rather than struggling in the scorching beam of sun and face the crowd. The advancement in mass media has been changing the way of life style and people's perception towards country's rich culture and tradition. And if such attitude continues then, one day our country might lose its independence and sovereignty like Tibet. .
             Progress usually is the result of science and technology. And due to the advancement in technology, most of the factories and industries rely primarily on machines because it is cheap and more efficient.

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