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Romantic Lines in Early Spring by Wordsworth

            Wordsworth was a great literary figure of the Romantic period. The Romantic Movement began in the eighteenth century against the neoclassical society during an age of revolution. The concept of tradition was abandoned and in its place a deeper appreciation for nature, emotion and the individual became the central to Romantics. The romantic idea is demonstrated throughout the poem through its subject matter, structure and literary devices. This poem fits perfectly into Romanticism as Wordsworth has rejected the classical poetry and placed the importance of true emotion above of society and intellect. Wordsworth's 'Lines written in early spring' is a comparison of the imperfection of mankind to the beauty of nature, instantly creating a romantic impression. Furthermore, the romantic concept can be indicated from 'early spring', as immediately we are with nature and spring you associate with new beginnings; extremely relevant to the revolutionary concept. .
             The poem is a lyrical ballad, it was experimental poetry that defied the traditions. The structure of the poem is in six quatrains with it being constructed with four iambs per line and a rhyme scheme of ABAB. In addition, the language construed in this poem implies a romantic idea; as by making it language of the everyday man it indicates the breaking down of barriers between societies. This highlights men speaking men with no need to use conceits to make a point. This simple form of verse and the simplicity of language is revolutionary, fitting with the romantic notion.
             The connection between the speaker and nature is immediately set up as: 'I heard a thousand blended notes, While in a grove I sat reclined' (line1-2). The image of Wordsworth sitting under a tree surrounded by nothing but nature is conjured up. This makes nature the centre of life, but the use of 'heard' makes it appear that the speaker is looking back contemplating.

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