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Causes and Effects of Depression

            At some point in most people's life depression is experienced in numerous ways. There are those who are depressed for just a few days, and there are those who have experienced stress, abuse, not being accepted by the society or even warfare and many other circumstances which can cause a deeper depression. When someone has suffered from depression for over two weeks, it is most likely at this point the person would be diagnosed depression. There are usually three effect stages of depression. As results of depression people who feel depressed will overreact, and negative attitudes. For example someone who is feeling depressed this person will become more sad and irritable if someone else says something just jokingly. The person would take it in a wrong way became the person do not even want to deal with people joking. Another person who has suffered from depression before expressed: "Some of the signs I exhibited were I was sleeping a lot and I had difficulty sleeping as well. My grades went down I started having negative attitude." However depression results vary from person to person, some try their best to hide it, and others show numerous sign which enable their family and friends to question their behavior being shown. Burt Sorkey Licensed Clinical phycologist from Western Illinois University Counselling Center says people who are experiencing depression often feel agitation, nervous, apprehensive and uneasy some of the symptoms were exhibited were that they would isolate themselves close themselves to their family and friends. " Research has shown sometimes a depressed person would have a feeling of worthlessness or guilt about things that he is not responsible for. The typical pattern of thinking along with people with depression is that they perceive the world with a negative filter they always recognize and dwell in bad things, and fail to recognize or dismiss positive things in their lives.

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