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            Do you ever feel sad? Lonely? Inadequate? These are just some of the many symptoms for a disease commonly known as Depression. With over 15 million cases in the United States alone, depression has become one of the most widely studied and controversial illnesses in the world today. Many physicians today believe that depression can be cured with a simple prescription to popular medications. Through years of study and research, many psychologists concluded that this viewpoint is nave and uneducated. This essay is going to compare two books, "Depression: The Mood Disease- and "Understanding Depression- who have similar views that proper diagnosis, family participation, the correct medication, and time are the only cures for deep depression. The following pages will outline the similarities and differences between the authors' views on the symptoms, causes, and treatments for this widespread and misunderstood illness. .
             Bad things happen. "Life is never perfect and if people look hard enough, they can find some reason for feeling bad- (Klein, 15). Depression is not just "feeling bad."" It's a biological disorder that effects your social interaction, motivation, and nearly every aspect of your daily life. Anybody can experience one or many of the symptoms of depression due to temporary upsets in their life. It's when a person continuously shows multiple symptoms for a lengthy amount of time and disruptions in the family, employment, and social life have occurred, that major depression should be considered (Klein, 16).
             Both authors agree that two of the most important symptoms of depression are the feeling of sadness and the loss of interest in life's daily pleasures. People find excitement and pleasure in many of life's daily activities, including the most simple of pleasures such as eating and sex. Hobbies, vacations, sports, social activities, and family gatherings should usually inspire a warm, optimistic hopefulness that is already a pleasant feeling.

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