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            Depression is a serious illness that almost 20 million Americans each year. Most cases of depression can be treated, but not everyone gets treatment. Depression is basically feeling sad, not wanting to do anything, and feeling like you are no good. A lot of people feel that every once in a while, but real depression is that feeling that doesn't go away. Medication is the common treatment for depression, but sometimes it takes more than medication to make someone feel better. .
             Symptoms of depression vary from one person to another, some people may not really notice if they are becoming depressed, and others can tell after just a few weeks. There are many reasons that someone can become depressed, it is usually not just one incident that depresses him or her. There are many common symptoms that are seen in some people, but not in everyone. Changes in sleep and eating habits, and feeling like today is the worst day of your life is depression. Thinking that whatever you do, you won't be happy, and feeling like you aren't worth anything to anybody is depression. Some people may not notice that they are becoming depressed, but others around them will, and sometimes it is the other way around. A lot of people won't ever get treatment for depression, because the believe that they are just having a bad week, or bad month, or bad year, and won't consider being treated. If someone points out to them that they could be depressed, they will most likely deny it, but then realize that they really are depressed. Doctors say depression is the easiest illness to diagnose, of any, because when you are depressed, you just know. If you don't know from the beginning, before it is over, you will. .
             Medicating depression isn't the only way to help someone. Sometimes people get depressed because they have no one to talk to, and no one to confide in. Being there for someone can really help him or her a lot, during a time of depression.

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