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             During childhood years, children are almost as susceptible to being depressed as adults. Childhood depression is a for of mental illness that affects the whole body. It impacts the way one feels, thinks, and acts. If it is not treated, in years to come it may lead to school failure, use of alcohol and/or drugs, or even suicide. (5)Many adults to not realize that being a child can be very frustrating, and they often feel powerless. Children can have a lot of stress in their lives and cannot deal with it as easily as adults. They have many concerns such as school, peers, parental acceptations, etc.(3).
             Up to the age of 3, signs of depression may include feeding problems, tantrums, lack of playfulness, and emotional disturbances. Between the age 3-5 children may be prone to accidents and have phobias. Even before the age of 5, they may also apologize when non-necessary for minor mistakes and may have transgressions like spilling food or forgetting to put clothes away.(6) Children of early school age, 6-8, show depression with vague physical complaints and aggressive behavior. Also, the youngsters may be extra close to their parents and not leave there sides; also avoid new people and challenges. Between 9-12 years of age, some common symptoms are horrid thoughts and laying awake worrying. By then children have enough intellectual capacity and social understanding to think about reasons for the depression, and may blame themselves for disappointing their parents.(6).
             The three main causes of depression are Biochemistry, genetics, and social environmental factors. Biochemistry, is an important factor, is the balance of naturally occurring chemicals in the brain. People who suffer from depression often experience a reduction in the brain of chemicals called neurotransmitters. When two of these neurotransmitters, called serotonin and norepinephrine, are unbalanced, it can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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