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Saying Goodbye to the New York Accent

            Much of the information people know about New York, or perhaps the island of Manhattan, seems to be common knowledge. Take, for instance, the New York accent, which, much like some of New Yorks other famous landmarks, you have probably heard of even if you've never been to this city. Despite never having set foot on New York soil, many people from across the world can identify this dialect and perhaps even say a few lines in it. While most people could do the same with a British accent or perhaps a French accent, these aren't cases in which the dialect is specific to the city, and, for that reason, among many others, New York City stands alone. New York has always been a notoriously cosmopolitan city, with people coming, going, and oftentimes staying from other countries and cities within the United States, and, it is for this reason that both the accent originated and why it is so identifiable around the world. One possible reason that the accent is so well known is the globalization of American culture as a whole. For example, while studying abroad in Paris last year, I was pleasantly surprised to find that most major supermarkets had an "American" aisle, home to products like Skippy peanut butter and Easy Cheese. .
             Not only are American clothing lines and food products available around the world, but American television shows and films are also watched abroad, giving the world a glimpse at American life even if they have never been to the country. And, because New York is such an important city, with about 8.4 million residents, making up about 2.6% of the Unites States population (nyc.gov, Population), many of its television shows and films revolve around New York City life. Iconic movies like Woody Allen's Annie Hall have been seen all around the world, depicting what life is like for a New Yorker, and giving a perhaps false impression to foreigners that everyone here speaks like Alvy Singer.

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