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Canada, A New Friend

             On my trip to Toronto, Canda, I found that Americans know so little about Canadians. Americans aren sure how to figure out Canadian currency, they want to use their American currency instead. They struggle to figure out the temperature, because of being use to fahrenheit instead of celsius, or straining to remember the metric system from lack of use in the States. These are all of the things I would figure out after my trip to Toronto, Canada.
             The decision to go to Canda was not an easy process. My partner and I knew we wanted a vacation to get away, and to drag our best friend Shawta along to experience something new with us. The location had to be close enough to drive, within our price range, and a large enough city to keep us entertained. So we finally decided on Toronto, Canada with a stop off at Niagra Falls on the way. This would combine all the things we were looking for in our vist. Now that the decision was final its time to pack for the trip, and once packed it would be off to Canada for vacation. The drive did not turn out exactly as we had anticipated! At first we were overwhelmed with excitement thinking about how much fun we would have in Toronto, but as the hours passed so did the energy. There wasnenough room to stretch, we were hungry, tired, and getting cranky with each other. Stopping at each rest area wasnhelping much at all by this time. We passed Columbus seeing itpatrotic display of red, white, and blue lights on the buildings tops, and now heading towards Cleveland, but still had along ways to go. The drive was broken up into segments to make it easier to endure the long trip. Concentrating on one city at a time as our destination. .
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             Once reaching one of the Various points along the way (Columbus, Cleveland, Fort Erie, Buffalo,Toronto) There would be so much excitement in the car, making the drive some what tolerable. Upon reaching the New York state border we decided to stop and rest.

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