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Canadian Foreign Policy

            There is no clear definition of foreign policy, but there is at least three different concepts, that we can have a look at. The first definition looks and focuses on the interests and the goals of a state, and since it only looks at the interest of their own state, this mean that they will not pay any attention to the behavior and actions that might arise towards other states. This means that a state foreign policy will be "the general tendencies and principals that underlie the conduct of states-. The second definition illustrates foreign policy as the "concrete plan and commitments."" This definition focus on purposive action of a state, but it fails to talk about the behavior problems that it will create. The third definition is where the state would try to solve foreign policy as they arise, which means, " the concrete steps that officials of a state takes with respect to events and situations abroad."" Foreign policy is no longer the action programs, but it is a way that an individuals representing the state, takes and interact with other individuals, groups, or officials from other states. This definition too causes problem because it makes us think that sovereign states are the only actors that are involved in foreign policy decisions. Which is not true since states are integrating into larger groups and actors, that the concept of foreign policy is become more increasing uncharacteristic (Mansbach, 164-165).
             About the moment in time Brian Mulroney came into power, we saw a lot of changes on the international stage, and within Canada. The change we saw around the world was a move from the Keynesian Industrial policy, which was a call for more states invention in their domestic market and economy, to a shift to the Neo-Liberalism around the global in the early 1980's. Neo-Liberalism was the core trust of Laizzez Faire economics, Neo Liberalism is where it thinks that Government cannot control employment but should let the private sector create jobs and investment, and that cuts of tax and less government regulations cut production costs down.

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