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Reading Response - The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

            The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a novel was written by the narrator Sherman Alexie, which was talking about his life in the reservation and his transfer from his reservation high school in Wellpinit to the well-off white high school in Reardan that was 22 miles away from his reservation. This novel written as a story that contains positive characters and negative characters as well. However, the author clarified in his novel the differences between the negative and positive characters by mentioning some of the good characteristics and treatment as well as the bad characteristics such as helping and protecting people, giving a sincerity advice, tolerance and forgive-ness, and racism and a limited thinking.
             First, helping people and protecting them is one of the most significant characteristic that we could barely find it in some people around us nowadays. Rowdy was the best friend of Junior since they were born for more than 14 years of their life. He was the only one how tried to protect him from getting beat and insult from the others. As we know that Junior was born with a bad health condition "I was born with water on the brain" Junior said. Moreover, he grew and raised in a poor family and in a poverty and uneducated community as well. As a result, Junior was liable to be beaten and humiliated on a daily basis by most of the children in his reservation. As the author mentioned that (P.17) "Come on," Rowdy said. "I'll protect you." He knew that I was afraid of getting beat up. And he also knew that he'd probably have to fight for me. Rowdy has protected me since we were born." However, Rowdy was one of the characters who gives a positive sympathetic portrayal, and he was number one in the list if people who had given Junior the most joyful in his life.
             Second, by talking about giving a sincerity advice, tolerance and forgive-ness, we could find that junior grandmother was the most clemency and pardon among the people or characters who the narrator mentioned in his novel.

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