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Diary of Abigail Williams - The Crucible

             It is 1662 in the town of Salem; I have committed sins worthy of the Devil. Throughout my treacherous lies, many people have lost their lives, suffered and confessed to lies. I have run off because this guilt brings me too much pain to bear. I leave this diary in those hands I trust in my absence.
             Caught in the Woods .
             Dear Diary.
             Today, the most unfortunate event took place. The other girls and I were in the woods with Tituba creating spells to get boys to fancy us, but I had the grand idea of damning Elizabeth Proctor so I could be with John! "Oh John, how I miss your lips, your smell and the way you blush when you are near me. Damn Elizabeth! Kicking me out of your home for what is her fault!" But in my anger toward Elizabeth I could not help myself but curse her! As we were in the woods my uncle walked in on us, scaring us like sheep being chased by a wolf. As we fled the little lamb Betty stood faint and dropped lifeless, but with a howling scream that could be heard throughout the whole forest! She was screaming about how she couldn't move, not even an inch. Parris soon came to his daughter's aid, and then took little Betty back home. Word of Witchcraft then soon spread throughout the village, people were saying we were summoning the 'Devil!'. To what was simply a game, soon headed towards disaster.
             Betrayer! .
             Dear diary, sorry I haven't written for a while but things are a mess in Salem. My lies have spread like wild fire and many people are about to be hung for it. But my love for John causes me to do anything. Today I found out that Mary my 'so-called' friend has decided to testify against me! I cannot have this happen, and I will not have her make a fool of me. If she ruins my plans against Elizabeth then John will surely never be mine "Mary You're weak, pathetic testifying against me. How could she? She has been with me since the start!" As we were in court with Mary, we claimed that she was a demon! Seeing Mary like this gave me great satisfaction out of her desperate face, but this also backfired into what I thought would never happen, stupid Mary accused my beloved John of Witchcraft.

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