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Abigail Williams

            Arthur Miller's The Crucible shows the hysteria of the Salem witch Trials. The character Abigail Williams falsely accuses people of being witches in Salem, Massachusetts. Because of her dishonesty and wrong doings people die. She does not demonstrate loyalty to her friends or family. As a person I make decisions that are sensitive to other peoples feelings based on honesty, loyalty, and good judgment, where as Abigail Williams, a character in the Crucible is vindictive, manipulative, revengeful and makes wrong decisions that hurt other people.
             Abigail hurts others around her by being selfish and blames people for her actions. Through lies she turns her back on all the people in the town. She also manipulates her friends. By her manipulation she was able to convince John Proctor to commit adultery, then she wanted revenge on Elizabeth Proctor.
             She starts accusing people of being over taken by the devil, when she was actually the wrong doer. Abigail knows that the people are on her side and they believe her lies. Because of her accusations eventually nineteen innocent people die. In the Witch Trials, the girls and Abigail where acting as if they had a direct connection to God, therefore the people believed them and they were empowered. .
             In this story Abigail makes several people suffer from her actions. As for myself, I would never accuse people for doing something that they didn't especially if it would result in death. I try to live an honest life where people respect me and honor my word. I am a sensitive person, I care about what people think, and I am very sympathetic to others feelings. On some occasions I could recall moments when I have been manipulative to get something that I wanted. For instance, I needed money to go shopping so I cleaned up the house and did a few other tasks to get what I wanted. Most people can not be completely honest and they do manipulate but not in a way that Abigail did.

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