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Shakespeare and His Honorable Villains

            Throughout history villainy and evilness lurked around people, leading them into temptation. Lucifer, of the Supernatural series, was the cause of mischief; he was once an archangel who disobeyed God and was banished from Heaven. He is known for his manipulation, evilness, lack of morality, and swiftness. In Shakespeare's tragic play Richard III, Richard plays a man of manipulation, evilness, lack of morality, and swiftness, which are all the qualities Lucifer possesses. Also Jim Moriarty, a villain in the series Sherlock, is another villain who possesses all the qualities of the Devil, Lucifer. All three of these villains are obsessed with power and are incredibly self-absorbed. But Richard III is the only villain of the three who will truly reach their downfall. .
             Richard is grandiloquent; be that as it may, he takes the road of projecting his undaunted characteristic ruthlessly to place emphasis upon his contumacious, reluctant, stubborn, attitude towards love and politics. The idea of love is held between two individuals who exchange affection. Richard views love as a political tool rather than an emotion, it was intended for. His abuse of love goes as far as committing the act of incest, multiple times, to gain control of the crown. During act one, where Richard attempts to woo Lady Anne, he succeeds by saying, "Your beauty was the cause of that effect Your beauty, that did haunt me in my sleep" (I.ii.126-127), this shows Richard accusing Lady Anne's beauty of being the cause of her husbands murder, Richard killed her husband because of her beauty. He proves that his manipulation of the human emotion of others is the way he gets what he wants, which is also through peoples vulnerability. The same goes for politics, the heir to the throne is reserved the right to rule, but Richard refused to acknowledge this, pyramid, and gains the throne through manipulation. Richard sends his right-hand man, Buckingham, to spread a rumor about Edward IV's children, their illegitimacy.

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