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Brand Awareness on Consumer Purchase Intention

            Recently, the rising of consumer consciousness has made consumers choose to purchase their familiar and favorable brand. Therefore, if businesses want to defeat their competitors, they have to make consumers love to buy their products and brands. Macdonald and Sharp (2000) mention that even though consumers familiarize and are willing to purchase a product, brand awareness is still an important factor to influence purchase decision. When consumers want to buy a product, and a brand name can come to their minds at once, it reflects that product has higher brand awareness. Consumers' purchase decision can be influenced if a product has higher brand awareness (Dodds, Monroe, & Grewal, 1991; Grewal, Monroe & Krishnan, 1998). This explains why a product with higher brand awareness will have higher market share and better quality evaluation. In addition, while consumers select a product, they care about perceived quality and brand awareness. Perceived quality can help consumers to have a subjective judgment on overall product quality that make a product hold a salient differentiation and become a selective brand in consumers' minds (Aaker, 1991). Besides, businesses have to build up brand loyalty. Some studies suggest that the cost to attract a new customer is more than five times of maintaining a loyalty customer (Reichheld and Sasser, 1990; Barsky, 1994). That is, the higher the brand loyalty, the less cost businesses to pay. Therefore, the purposes of the study are to explore: (1) the influences of brand awareness, perceived quality, and brand loyalty on purchase intention effect, (2) the effect of perceived quality on brand loyalty, (3) whether perceived quality mediates the relations between brand awareness and purchase intention, and (4) whether brand loyalty mediates the relations between brand awareness and purchase intention.
             Brand Awareness.
             Brand awareness means the ability of a consumer can recognize and recall a brand in different situations (Aaker, 1996).

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