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Facing Ethical Decisions

            Dependable adults are going to be faced with an ethical decision at least once in a lifetime. This is an idea that includes settling on a reasonable choice they have been debating on. Now and again it is a matter of examining a situation and understanding of what you know while checking on positive circumstances and weaknesses. The majority of people want to do the right thing because they have just been raised that way. Some people may know the right decision by instinct or past experience. .
             There may be times in which I need to consider a decision and why it is correct, different times I may need to research my past, the feeling of being right to have more proof to support my decision. Just like other college students, I realize that I have many difficult decisions ahead of me, and I understand no matter what choice I make, I have to deal with the outcome that happens. Although I am not sure what job I want after college, I have always liked real estate. I thought about the decisions I might encounter as a realtor, and I wondered how many realtors now have the same problem. Thinking into the future, the situation I might face is a lady from out of town calls me to list her deceased parent's house. She says she is not sure what it is worth, but says she will happily take $50,000 for the home. After I inspect the home, I feel it is worth $75,000, and realize this would be a perfect house for my sister. .
             Buying a home is a major step for anyone person to take in their life, and depending on their income, it can take a while before the home is paid off. My sister has been looking for a house for a little over a year and is starting to think she will never find the perfect home. Little does she know, this house that has just came to my attention has everything she wants in a home. The problem is, my sister's financial plan is $50,000 and the house is $15,000 over her budget. I narrowed myself to three options.

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