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Encomium/Invective - Inclement Weather Policies

             The main audience for this argument is the University of North Texas' students, especially the ones that don't live on campus and have to commute a long distance. When there is inclement weather, these students are forced to make a decision of either playing it safe and staying at home or risking it by coming to school and maybe crashing. This PG does a good job in explaining some of the hardships but also good things that happened while the snow storm was going on. It makes good arguments and gives good examples, even a source was brought into the paper which allows it have more credibility. .
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             The University of North Texas' administration should only be praised if it is accomplishing its policies of doing its best to accommodate the student's safety involving any obstacles that they may come across as they are trying to get to school. In the beginning of December, when the snow storm was at its peak, administration failed to provide students with reasonable options in regard to the finals dates. Therefore the administration should be blamed. The school's protocol to deal with severe weather issues is to close early, midday, or for the whole day. That decision is made on the severity or intensity of the inclement weather. In the school's official website, it explains the different types of procedures. For example, the school is closed at midday if weather conditions "deteriorate". If the school closes for entire days and for more than one day, then they tell the student to check the online website or social media networks. These networks include Facebook, and even through eagle alert signals which go off and lets the students know of what is going on. The school really does not have a set-in-stone backup plan, once the weather hits, the administration makes decisions in the spur of the moment. .
             This is ineffective in many ways because it does not allow the student to plan ahead.

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