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Congress as a Force Against Injustice

            As we all know, the United States is a mixing bowl for different races, cultures and ethnicities. For decades Immigration has been an issue that has not been properly appointed. Unless the American people demand and push Congress to action, they will continue to set aside the possibilities of new Immigration reforms and policies, despite having the power to make a change. With millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States, they live in constant fear of deportation. Immigrants are unable to receive benefits or pensions given to citizens and permanent residents. Much less able find jobs or be hired. The issue of immigration is something we've dealt with for decades, being that it affects all parts of the country not just one state. Injustice is occurring in the Southwestern border, where an excess amount of local law enforcement is being used against those crossing the border as well racially biased crime sweeps. Nationally, undocumented latinos are looked down upon by some, just because they are unable to have higher paying jobs than the rest leading to the lack of financial stability. Those who cross the border leave their country in hopes of better opportunity however find themselves in a place with no voice. This broken system preventing people to be successful much less going anywhere in life. Congress should be concerned about this issue because we are all humans with rights regardless of ethnicity. The vast majority of the workforce is made up of illegal immigrants, if given proper documentation or working permits we would see an increase in the U.S GDP and an increase on tax revenue being long-term economic benefits.
             Currently, Immigration reforms are stalled, neither going forward or backwards. However, no one is really taking action, saying that something will be done will not make a difference unless it is put to action. "Boehner has said the issue should be tackled in smaller,separate bills, starting with a focus on border security and enforcement.

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