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Colonial Material Culture Development

            There were three colonial regions of the Colonial America. They were called New England, the Middle Colonies and the Southern colonies. These colonies were quite distinctive from each other. This essay will also focus on how they differentiate from the Modern World. The colonies of America material culture consisted of food, clothes and their shelter. For their food it will be what they ate, how they cooked it and how they ate the food. Their clothes is what colors they wore, the quality of the clothes and the reasons for wearing certain clothes. For their shelter is what it was made of, what sort of style and what their shelter represented. Each of these materials of the colonies cultures will be related to Modern America such as if it still has some sort of effect and is relevant.
             The region of New England has very simple food and the way they prepare their food is done quite simple as well. Their food consists of boiled meats and bread. The cooking methods were quite plain. The New England region peoples always did the bare minimum. They did not have celebrated meals nor any sort of feasting. This was caused by religious beliefs. The Colonial Middle region was almost quite the same. They condemned feasting more than the New England region did and were against gluttony completely. They had simple foods that are similar to the New England region such as the boiled meats and breads. The Southern region food consisted of roasted meats, seafoods, vegetables and especially corn. Their recipes were more elaborate and wealthy. They dined as social ritual unlike the New England and Middle regions. The Southern region also had multiple feasting days. Nowadays, we do not condemn eating such as the people of the Middle region, unless you are in certain business' like entertainment, especially modeling where it is condemned. People nowadays tend to eat a larger amount of food, just like the Southern region with a larger variety of foods.

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