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American Airlines - Advertising Patriotism

            Many things in our culture of America conveys a sense of how the United States are the most superior country on earth. Many times this viewpoint is true. In America, companies often use commercials to influence people to go certain places, eat certain foods, and buy certain things. Most of the time they make it seem like the person's life will be so much better if they have and buy the thing that they are advertising. Most of the time this strategy works, so that is why they continue to use this technique in advertising. These kinds of advertisements are done through print, television commercials, internet, and billboards. American culture ideas are represented in the American Airlines commercial, that this essay will be analyzing.
             The commercial is advertising their new airline fleet, and how they have a, "new plane smell." It also has people looking at the planes like they are the most awesome things on the face of the earth. The new airplanes seem to look bigger than the old ones, and they look more sleek and aerodynamic. The message of the commercial is that American Airlines has bigger, newer planes so you should chose to fly with American Airlines, because they are the best. This message will may lead to more people flying with them, all because they got new planes. American Airlines also wanted to give the message that they obviously care about their customers because they made new planes, to fit their comfort needs. The overlying theme of the commercial is that the people of American Airlines care about their customers. That they want to keep them happy no matter what it takes; even if they have to make brand new planes, they will do it for their customers.
             The commercial could also be seen as depicting the American identity. The way it shows the American experience is by showing the planes, and how if you are an American, you should fly on the best airline that America has to offer.

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