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Concepts of Global Migration

            People around the world are constantly on the move. There are several different reasons why, and they are categorized on the basis of their reasons for relocation. Several factors determine why people migrate across the globe. A few different categories can explain a majority of the causes of why people move. People are considered labor Migrants, displaced persons, or institutional migrants. These groups of people all have different yet equally significant reasons for moving. Their motives for moving are identified by the terms just listed. Some motives that these people can have are corresponding to current economic situation, political situation, and social situations. Migrations and its effects on people come in many forms. Both vary in terms of the distance involved, the purpose of the move, whether the move was forced or a matter of choice and the migrant's status in the new destination. Another important effect of migration is globalization and migration. They both have their own way of functioning and their differences will be discussed. .
             First of all, labor migrants are people who travel for economic purposes. They migrate each year to work for a specific length of time. They don't plan on creating a permanent lifestyle, and they are often explicitly barred from doing so. When this form of migration is legally contracted it if referred to as wage labor migration. The time elapsed working might be brief, or it could extend to several years. Asian women are the fastest growing category of people among the world's labor migrants. There are more than 3 million Asian women migrant workers. They work a wide assortment of jobs, but most are in domestic service jobs and some work as nurses and teachers. There is also circular migration which is repeated movement between two or more places, either within or between countries. It may occur within or between countries. Internal migrants include female domestic workers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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