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The Manhood Test by Mohammed Naseehu Ali

            In "The Manhood Test," written by Mohammed Naseehu Ali, much is made of Mr. Rafique's manhood test but not much is said of Zulaikha's corresponding "womanhood test." The society and culture both the husband and wife belongs to have many superficial expectations for both man and woman. At the mere age of 16, "her father planned to marry her off", but to the shock of her family she did not want to marry a man she did not choose. This is "unheard of from a girl in Zongo street." Already at a young age she is expected to marry and start a family. However at this age, both girl and boys do not know what true love really is. Zulaikha does not understand what being in love or love is at her age. After having her first sexual experience she begins to crave sexual pleasure; however, it is at this point when she, a young girl, confuses lust for love. When she marries Mr. Rafique she believes she is in love with him because he holds an interest to her. However, once she learns she is not satisfied sexually and intimately she does not lust for him, therefore she believes she is falling out of love for him. She does fail the test of womanhood that her culture expects from her. She does not marry at the age girls her age are married off. She also does not marry for status and wealth, but for true love. She failed to pick a husband that would boost the reputation and appearance for both side of the family. She failed to conceived and she failed to make her husband happy. She also failed as a daughter and embarrasses her family name because of her sexual antics. As a favorite daughter she also fails to fulfill her parent's expectations. .
             Although the marriage seemed doomed from the beginning, Zulai did not fulfill her role as a wife nor put in effort to fix the failing marriage with the man she chose. The divorce in the end signifies the biggest failure not only Mr.

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