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Intelligence and IQ Testing

            Traditional intelligence tests have different scales and measure different cognitive abilities or skills. In reading this article I feel that nonverbal tests have been considered pure measures of general intelligence and are excellent indicators of abstract reasoning, particularly in the visual-spatial domain. According to the authors of this article it was written to familiarize clinicians and investigators with the variety of nonverbal IQ measures currently available. I believe that it is important that clinicians as well as investigators are aware of the methods and treatments that are available to help measure a client's or students IQ. This article was also written to highlight some of the important differences among them while providing recommendations for the selection and interpretation of nonverbal IQ measures. According to the article one measure of distinction is whether the interest considered is verbal or nonverbal.
             Developed during World War I, the nonverbal IQ measure was designed to assist with analyzing and solving complex problems without relying upon or being limited by language abilities. It was designed so it can be administered to very large numbers simultaneously. So the military did group testing to measure the nonverbal intelligence of the incoming of possible recruits. In other words the incoming recruits had to take a placement test in order for the military to know where to place the recruits and to see how well educated they were. Upon the development of the IQ measures, it was expanded and used on other populations such as those with hearing loss, psychological and neurological disabilities and a host of other conditions.
             Another issue discussed in the article was possible strategies when it comes to solving verbal problems nonverbally. In my opinion the use of nonverbal with verbal communication aids can be more effective with delivering test instructions.

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