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IQ test

            What does intelligence mean? Defined by Webster's it is "'the ability to reason or understand."" Most people have the ability to reason and understand, so does that define us as intelligent? Many would argue that different individuals are intelligent in different areas. In reality, there is not just one answer to this question. Numerous factors play into the question being asked. .
             For example, psychologists believe that behavior determines one's intellect whereas others believe it's hereditary or environmental. Determining who is right and who is wrong is not of importance, but rather how they came up with each theory and what is the usefulness of measuring intelligence. There is no genetically proven fact that these theories are factual, although through research some points have been supported through statistical figures. Also, what has been determined has been based on the correlations between a specific situation and the outcome itself. Consistent studies and the dedication of some individual were able to note some patterns and eventually develop a formula to help put ""intelligence"" in a better perspective. .
             In our society, IQ testing is a misunderstood term. Most commonly it is associated with how smart a person is based on their mental capacity or brain size. This misconception has put a huge emphasis on one's ability to score high on an intelligence test. When, in fact, it does not measure intelligence at all; keeping in mind that our society defines intelligence as being "'smart"". All it really shows is a persons aptitude or ability to solve problems quickly. IQ testing is nothing more than a tool to help teachers determine where one is at academically in correlation to where one should be. With the average score being at 100, it is common for students, or adults, to be disappointed for not scoring above that of which is average. It makes them think that they are mentally inferior and incapable of success.

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