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The Moral Compass in Lord of the Flies

            There are many theories of the natural internal moral compass of mankind. Some believe that we are born morally good and society instills a sense of moral wrong into us and we become evil. Others believe that we are born evil and society is used to hide the evil within us. William Golding author of Lord of the Flies believes just this. In his novel he shares a story of a group of boys who become stranded on an island during a hypothetical world war three. The boys arrive on the island and began to try to establish a sense of society in hopes to be able to survive and be rescued. They elect the character Ralph as chief to set rules and be the leader of the group. Ralph as chief creates a group called the Hunters which are used to hunt and kill animals for meat. The leader of this group is Jack (This character is Golding's main outlet to display the Beast within). With all the hunting the hunters begin to enjoy the kill and become careless about survival, caring more about the kill. As the hunters begin express their savagery within as they bring others in the group with them, eventually splitting up the group and killing two boys in the group intentionally before being saved. Jack in this novel is used solely to display the natural evil of mankind though Jacks and his connections to the setting, how he interacts with other characters, the symbols such as Jacks mask, and how his actions affect the group.
             Golding display mankind's natural inner evil through Jacks and his connections with the environment when the group is hunting for the beast and they search castle rock. "for some reason Jack had gone right down to the water on the other side now he had the land mans view of the swell and it seemed like the breathing of some stupendous creature" when this happens it seems as if the environment reacting to Jack in a monstrous way, which is similar to how Jack begins to act himself as he allows himself to be swallowed whole by the internal beast.

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