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Our New, Unimproved and Rude Society

            As kids we have always been taught not to play with our food at the table and not to say some things in front of certain people. But in this day and age, those rules have gone out the window. Today's society is increasingly getting ruder in many different ways. First we are losing simple manners. Second we have less self-restraint in the way that we speak to elders or anyone. Finally, technology is taking a big part in the increase of rudeness in today's world.
             First, as the years have gone by, the younger generation has not been taught or has not learned the simple manners that our past generations have. For example, holding open a door for someone, specifically a woman. I have seen many instances where a kid that is old enough to know better just opens the door and flies through it to get where he is trying to get to, not caring about who is behind him. For me I was taught that, as a common courtesy, to hold open a door for anyone no matter the age or the gender is proper. Also, an old standard that is dying off in today's society is the powerful words please and thank you. These words are the single most important thing that is taught to kids is to make sure they are acting right in public. Another thing that shows that society is getting more blatantly rude is table manners. For example, putting your napkin on your lap, not reaching over people, waiting for everyone to get served before you go to town on your own. Not knowing simple manners shows that society today is getting more blatantly rude.
             Secondly, society is getting more blatantly rude because we are losing self-restraint. The first thing is that we will judge people whether it be good or bad and if it is bad we will say whatever comes to our mind no matter who is listening. The second thing is the use of foul language. Essentially, it has become such a part of the language that we don't even flinch when something is said on TV.

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