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Personal Reflections on Three Works of Literature

            People are who they are not from their experiences, although that plays a major role, but for their pride. This reflection paper requires that I choose three books that I've read at St. John the Baptist. These books should have some significance in my life or cause me to reflect on a certain time or emotion in my own life. Out of my three selections, the book that reflects mostly on my life and personal emotions is Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer. This book is both an extreme and powerful teller of pride and many other emotional human feelings. I could see myself as the type of person that the main character developed into during his journey. I feel as if I don't do things my way and how I planned it out, my plan for a task is essentially ruined. The quote "No, I want to hitch North, flying would be cheating, it would wreck the whole trip" comes to mind because just like Alexander Supertramp (main character), I want things to be done my way. I want to take a fair path, not choosing the easy way out and seeing it through. Now of course everything in life can't follow a plan, but I often try to see my plans through with a sense of pride.
             One other quote that comes to mind is towards the end of the book, Alex's father received news of his sons death. He said, " 'How is it', he wonders aloud as he gazes blankly across the Chesapeake Bay, 'That a kid with so much compassion could cause his parents so much pain?'" This quote really struck home to me because all my life, I've been told that I am such a kind, smart, compassionate kid, yet I feel that every day I cause my parents more and more pain form my overwhelming sense of pride. It's kind of an odd feeling to be writing about myself , yet there is a feeling that just feels right doing this because everything just seems to fade away and I'm only focused on what I'm writing about, which in this paper, and my sense of pride.

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