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Jane Eyre critical essay

            The novel Jane Eyre undoubtedly is a reflection of Charlotte Bronte's own life. However, critics have disputed whether its merit results form autobiographical elements or from Bronte's creative vision. Ward argues that Bronte's personality enhanced the emotional force of Jane Eyre. Weygandt concurred; stating that such immediacy of experience enriched the novel. Throughout this paper I will prove that Jane Eyre is written based on excerpts from Bronte's life experiences, which provided a foundation of fresh realism in the Victorian Age.
             "Charlotte Bronte was born April 21, 1816, the third child of Reverend Patrick Bronte, minister of the Church of England, and mother Maria Branwell Bronte. Maria Bronte died when Charlotte was only five leaving six children, to be taken care of- (author, 86). " Recognized by literary historians for her contribution to the development of the novel. Her fame and influence rests on four novels and her contributions to a single volume of poetry- (Magill, Masterpiece of Women's Literature). "Desperately wanting his children to receive an adequate education Mr. Bronte enrolls his four daughters in the Clergy Daughters' School of Cowan. The terrible treatment at the school along with the poor hygiene and abominable food caused the deaths of both Maria and Elizabeth from tuberculosis. Mr. Bronte immediately removed Charlotte and Emily in an attempt to preserve their health and decided it was best to home school them-(Harris, 50) .
             "In 1831, Charlotte entered Roe Head School- a pleasant, challenging institution, which based its educational philosophy on respect for the student. By the end of her first term she earned three prizes for scholarships but refused them preferring to return home. In 1846 Charlotte collaborated with her sisters Emily and Anne, who also shared her passion for novels and poetry, to publish a collection of poems. They then each created novels, Charlotte creating The Professor, which was only received with rejection.

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