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Journal Entries of Percy Jackson

             I'm in the sixth grade and I am dyslexic. I simply had the craziest a great time in the course of recent weeks and even now I can't trust it happened! Everything began off at Yancy when Mrs. Dodds assaulted me after she changed into a Fury. I was stunned about what happen since I didn't generally like Mrs. Dodds regardless, its humorous that I really needed to SLAY her! Exactly when I thought things could get any more abnormal Mr. Brunner tossed me an enchantment pen! "Simply a pen?" I thought to myself until I understood this was not. Afterwards I asked Mr. Brunner and Grover where Mrs. Dodds was however they both said there was no Mrs. Dodds at school. At that point I caught them discussing how I was getting to be suspicious and expected to go. After the school year was over, Grover offered to escort me home. He began to act truly unusual and looking truly on edge and terrified after we saw practically three women as an afterthought of the street cutting yarn. I discarded him right when I got to New York and me and my mother took an excursion to the shoreline. Late that night Grover knocked on our lodge entryway however when my mother opened it Grover had no legs, just hooves. .
             Dear Journal,.
             Grover then said we needed to leave now, so we got in our auto and left for some odd camp. On the path there lightning struck our auto and a Minotaur assaulted us. We ran as quick as we could to Camp Half-Blood yet the Minotaur killed my mother then I severed the Minotaurs horn and wounded him with it, executing him. We then arrived at Camp Half-Blood where I was acquainted with Annabeth and Luke and put into the Hermes lodge where all the children that had obscure folks existed. I soon discovered that my father was Poseidon, divine force of the ocean and stallions. I am then sent on a journey with Grover and Annabeth to discover Zeus' Master Bolt in light of the fact that Zeus thought I took it and is going to take up arms with Poseidon creating world war three.

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