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Carefully Regulating Immigration

            What created America was immigration, mostly consisting of Europeans in the beginning that wanted room for growth and success. Unfortunately, immigration has become overwhelming and un-controllable to the point America has become over populated with immigrants. Over the life span of immigration in America, jobs have been decreasing for U.S. citizens, with welfare and food stamps going to immigrants more than citizens, and with the lack of space due to over-population, there is no doubt there needs to be a tighter control for immigration. With borders being shut down, it has made in increase in the issues that need to be discussed and viewed among the American people. Mexico in specifically has been a big issue for illegal immigration. With Hispanics wanting the "American Dream," and to be able to have a chance for success is great; if done legally. Not only does it cause issues for us as a country, but it causes issues for the immigrants as well. .
             In the recent years, jobs have slowed, as well as our economy, creating an imbalance in America. With the number of immigrants increasing, and jobs decreasing, it has made issues come afloat with the American people. It was said on Immigration Issues that, today's immigration system is dysfunctional because it is not responsive to the socioeconomic conditions of the country. Only a small share of legally admitted immigrants is sponsored by employers while the bulk are admitted because of family ties to earlier immigrants who may be living in poverty or near poverty. As a result, immigration contributes to an already-existing surplus of low-skilled workers, increasing job competition and driving down wages and conditions to the detriment of American workers. .
             When a job wage is cut smaller because an illegal will take the pay cut, this is causing issues for the average American because someone wouldn't want to settle for less pay because of immigrants aiming for the same job.

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