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Aging Development in Adults

             The process begins the moment your mom gives birth to you. You may not like to think about getting older or getting gray hair but it's going to happen at some point in your life. "Aging is not a simple, straightforward progression through time" (Whitbourne & Whitbourne, 2014). Our book describes the view of development as biopsychosocial perspective which is a complex interaction between social processes, biological, and psychological stuff that happen as we age. I have been fortunate enough to be able to do an interview on someone who is older than 65. During this interview I learned many things that I didn't already know about my interviewee. For this assignment I was able to interview Daniel Burchfield. I'm going to call him Dan because that's what I have always know him as other than just calling him his last name. I conducted my interview through the means of Facebook and email. Dan is a seventy one year old white male who has been married fifty years. He and his wife live in a single family home where they raised three sons. Dan's three sons have grown up and married and between the three they have given Dan ten grandkids. Dan feels that he has been fortunate to have jobs that he loved and a wonderful family.
             I asked Dan his thoughts on aging and Dan said aging is not much fun; however, the alternative is poor. He said as he ages he reaches into his past and uses the experiences of years to help modify his present life. At the age of fifty five is when Dan started noticing that his ability to do certain tasks have changed. He said it was no big deal he just had to learn how to adapt to the changes. Dan continued on by telling me that no male in his family has lived past the age of sixty five but he was not going to let it bother him like it did his father. He said a true example of aging was his mother who lived to be ninety two years old. He said you could see the ravages that took place in her life, especially after turning eighty.

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