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Legend: A Slight Stretch Goes A Long Way

            One day many years ago, the gods in the sky were creating new animals for the land of Africa. Artemis, the god of nature, created an animal that he would call a giraffe. He gave them a spotted pattern and long legs so that they would be able to run quickly. With that, he placed them in Africa in a country called Nigeria. He looked over the giraffes and watched them as they adapted to the environment. He expected the animals to thrive in their habitat. However, after several days, it was apparent that there was a problem with the new animals. Artemis had made their legs far too long, so they could not move quickly at all and they were very clumsy. This made it hard for the giraffes to find food. Instead of eating other animals, because hunting was difficult, the giraffes tried to eat the plants around them. There weren't many plants close to the ground, as most of them were very tall, which made it difficult for the giraffes to find food. They were quickly running out of food and many of the giraffes were suffering. As the food source was running low, one of the giraffes tried to make a stack of rocks to stand on so that he could reach the leaves on the tree. This was no easy task. After he finally made a stack tall enough, he stood on the stack and started eating the green leaves of the tree. After no time at all, there were only a few leaves left in reaching distance. The giraffe squeezed his head between the branches in hopes of grabbing the few leaves. Once he got the leaves, he was ready to move on to the next tree. However, went he went to go to the next tree, his head was stuck between the branches. .
             Artemis looked down at what was happening and saw that the poor giraffe was stuck. He reached down from the heavens to try to help the giraffe, but he was wedged in between the branches so much that it felt nearly impossible to get him free. They both pulled and pulled. After tugging on the giraffe, Artemis finally released him from the tree.

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