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Legends Never Die

            Centuries following the times of ancient Rome, the four- horsepower chariots are no longer the fastest set of wheels in town. The illustrious Ben Hurr would be proud of the racing machines of today. Motor sports have a long history of fortification. Comptrolling organizations, immense speedways, eminent drivers, and unique automobiles paved this history. Behold the history of NASCAR, the NHRA, drag racing, muscle cars, and the Muscle Car Era. .
             The idea of racing cars as a spectator sport was an advertising idea of Henry Ford's. Ford developed a team of racecar drivers to race his Model T, drivers that would eventually be great names to motor sports; drivers such as Ed Winfield, Harry Miller, and Pierre Bertrand. The competitive driving style made Model T owners want their car to be as fast as the race cars they watched on race day. As a response to this demand Ford began to manufacture high performance aftermarket parts for Model T roadsters. .
             (Bakerville http://www.hotrod.com/thehistoryof/42646/).
             Model T racing became so popular that small racing circuits started forming and all types of automobiles were raced. The racing of stock automobiles became known as stock car racing and some financiers started funding stock car racing events. One of these financiers was Bill France. A former driver and mechanic that towered to six feet seven inches tall, he promoted stock car events in the Daytona, Florida are and throughout the southeast upon moving to the area in the 1930's. Bill France forefelt the success of stock car racing if it was sanctioned by a reputable organization. Consequent to intuition thirty-five men assembled on top of the Daytona Beach Hotel in December of 1947; these thirty-five men consisted of businessmen, moon shiners, racecar drivers, promoters, and mechanics. Some of the mechanics were so authentic that they still had grease on their hands. They organized a stock car racing organization that would combine the entire array of small independent racing organizations that tried to claim superiority over each other, each also had their own national champion.

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