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Television and Specific Programming

            Have you ever heard someone say " a little never hurts", or "one time never killed anybody"? Well, the same thing happens with TV programming choices. If you put one violent show after another people will start getting mad at you unless you TV channel is called "TViolent" or "The Gory channel". People will start arguing because they want something different to watch that isn't blood, guns, and other violence. I think that TV channel should have a bit of everything but I also believe that if you don't like the programming of the channel you should go watch another channel. .
             When people start arguing about the shows on TV, it's their fault for watching that channel. They could have easily avoided it by just pressing a button, but instead they chose the hard way. If you don't like the shows then don't watch that channel. Also, the TV channel has the right to play whatever they wan, unless they didn't ask for the rights, but if they have the rights they can do it. I also do not think that TV channels should have just one type of shows or else they will always have a limited number of viewers which isn't good for them. TV channels try to have a bit of everything so that they get more viewers. They want more viewers so that they can get more money. They put commercials and other advertisement on so they can get money from companies who want advertising. .
             With more viewers the commercials are seen more so the TV channels get paid more. Some TV channels have a different view on this. They still believe they should have bit of everything but they do it commercial free which sometimes attracts more people. For example, PBS has three different channels. One for hobby shows, one for kids in the mornings and in the afternoons very interesting documentaries, and a third one for 24/7 news from NPR radio. PBS gets their money from people that like the way they do things, those people donate money every once in a while to help PBS.

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