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Culture and Television Violence

            Television is a huge thing in the USA, and has been since the early 19th century. Television first began as moving pictures on a screen to later becoming one of the worlds most widely used electronic. Over the years Television has evolved from boring old boxes to high definition flat screen TV's. Now a day's people, especially children, spend a lot of time watching television. Many people believe that television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence. I agree with this statement because TV violence can change the way a person thinks and acts. Would parents like to see their children become dangerous delinquents when they grow up?.
             To begin with, some people believe that television doesn't cause any type of change in a person's behavior, but what they don't know is that the change can occur without even that person realizing it. The changing process occurs little by little, each day the person becoming more and more violent. When they do realize, it may be to late and they could be in jail waiting for the judge to decide their sentence. For those stubborn people who think that nothing will happen and that their life will be ok, they are wrong and should do something before its too late. It may take years to recover from a violent life to a normal stable life style. Choose to stop while you can!.
             Additionally, children have a great memory and seeing repetitive things can sometimes confuse them, making them believe something that is wrong is actually right. Seeing repetitive violence without a consequence makes children think that they can get away with everything. This is because we rarely see violent programs give some type of consequence for the violence given. This could change a child's perspective over what's right and wrong. For example, the child may start pushing or calling other people name without realizing that she/he is becoming more and more aggressive each day.

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