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Synanthropic Species - Birds in Poland

            I would like to begin my presentation with explaining the term "synanthropic species". Actually, the term is the leading motive of my utterance. Synanthropic species include plants as well as animals which live in and are adapted to the association of humans. The species are able to use the artificial habitats that humans create around them to such an extent that they can benefit from them. Populations and synanthropic species gain characteristic features. The most popular of them are: disposing of the instinct for escape and fear due to the easiness of winning food or an opportunity to use buildings raised by people to build nests. Animals or plants become synanthropic species because their natural environments are inhabited by people or changed and destroyed due to humans' activity.The reasons for as well as consequences of synanthropy usually are:.
             - searching for plentiful and regular sources of nourishment in places inhabited or exploited by people.
             - conditions favoring reproduction and the feeling of being protected against natural enemies.
             With regard for their origin, synanthropic species are divided into two groups.The first one includes species of urban origin which are called autochtomic. The name refers to animals and plants whose natural habitat was exposed to changes introduced by people. Species which derive from foreign origins belong to the second group and they are so-called allochtomic species. Members of this group come from other ecosystems and altered their former habitat in order to gain an easier access to food and better reproduction conditions. A distinct group of synanthropic species is represented by species which were intentionally or accidentally displaced from other geographical zones. They are called anthropophytes.
             Many species of animals can not adapt to changes made by humans. However, some of them are able to do it perfectly and often get on better than in their natural environment.

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