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Women in the Labor Market

            There has been raging the debate about the superiority of the two sexes (Angier et al. Traditionally, the male sex has dominated the female sex mainly due to physical ability. Girls are empowered to work as hard as their male counterparts and in the developed countries such as the United States, they are given an equal opportunity to excel. This has paid off as there are just as numerous girls as boys in American schools all the way to colleges. In this paper, I will analyze the sources provided and their debate on the "battle of the sexes." Traditionally, some careers are male dominated such as engineering and fire fighting while others such as nursing are female dominated. These assigned on the basis that women show empathy while men are physically stronger. However, there has been a shift in legislation and women allowed the careers of their choice. Despite this, women still prefer not to indulge into some of the male dominions such as fire fighting. Only about 2.5% of all firefighters are women (Kershaw, par3). However, when supported, they fare as well as their male counterparts. In the case of female involvement in engineering, it has for a long time been assumed that they are less involved in engineering because they are poor performers in mathematics. Women are less likely to pursue engineering even if they perform well in mathematics (Angier et al., par15). Dr. Summers proposed that this is down women considering the profession as too abstract and dull (he gives an example of buying trucks to his daughter, but she treats them like teddy bears) (Angier et al., par33). However, this view rejected on the basis that men treat their cars as if the cars are human (equivalent to the teddy bear treatment of the trucks) (Angier et al., par34).
             In the present day, there are strict labor regulations that provide for equal pay for men and women provided they have the same job description (Farrell, 20).

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