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             The world today has changed in many aspects of gender related life style. Yet there is an area of improvement in the focus of gender: based on labor and the patriarchal working woman. The different theories and definitions help to explain the relationship of the construction of the gender. Feminism has a great impact on the gender role in our society. Feminists have been fighting for a long time for power and control in this man's world. Our family structure creates a great impact on women's behavior in society, family life and the labor force. All these titles focus on the relationship of gender. Gender is best described the construction of what is culturally assumed as "femininity" as well as "masculinity". .
             A rational man's view for a woman is the daily chores and responsibilities of nurturing children and running a household; leisure time is not necessary for a wife and mother. The "uncivilized" woman is a slave or a serf or a laborer, or from a "savage" race, is even more handicapped by her social role and her natural abilities. On the same note, a labored woman of these groups would completely shutout the life of leisure. The structural deflection is changing formal equality for a true equality or changing the goal of the organization or both. In the adoption of the fifty-fifty rule privileges males: first, to separate public and private life as a male model (the leader) which means to prove themselves as men in a male-defined space. To succeed the new leadership role is to adopt the same ability as men. .
             The argument of liberal feminism: women should be included in all aspects of public life, regardless of the injustices, inequalities, and economic and racial hierarchies upon which liberal capitalism rests. The "superwoman syndrome" is the privileged class of women expecting to do everything. They are to succeed at a professional career, marriage, childbearing and child rearing, on a model of a male life pattern without public support in the form of federal of provincial maternity leaves, childcare, etc.

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