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Women's Rights in Persia

            Most countries around the world had various ways of treating women. Iran is a Middle Eastern country that does acknowledge women's importance in life. Women struggled greatly while living in Iran. They had no legal rights nor any legal voice in government. The Iranian government required women to wear chadors and cover themselves in front of men, as a sign of respect towards the men. By doing so, women were giving the men a greater power over them. However, men did not respect the women in any way. Men overpowered women greatly in every aspect of life. Women had no freedom to make their own decisions. Since men overpowered the women they had also abused them brutally. In the memoir Persian Girls by Nahid Rachlin describes many challenges women face living in Iran. Lack of power, freedom, and abuse were three main challenges women faced in Iran. .
             Men overpowering women was a major challenge that women living in Iran had to face. When Nahid was nine years old her father took her out of school by force and brought back home to Ahvaz. Nahid says of her father, "He took my hand and led me forcefully toward the outside door" ( Nahid 6-7). This quote portrays Nahid's lack of power towards her father. She was unable to decide whether she wanted to go with her father or not. She was ordered and taken by force to go back home with her father. Men controlled the women's life in every way. Freedom was a factor that women lacked very much in Iran. Women had no freedom or voice. They were not allowed to express their thoughts, opinions, or make decisions for themselves. When Pari was at legal age to marry, her father found her Taheri, a potential wealthy and respectful husband. However, Pari wanted to marry Majid, the man she was in love with. Pari has a conversation with her father saying, "I want to marry for love." Her father answers her in rage " Your head is in the clouds! You don't know what's good for you" ( 66).

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