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Ancient Greece

            Fifty-thousand years ago, in the Stone Age, man wondered from southwest Asia and Africa while hunting game. 10,000 years ago man started to farm the land of Greece while others started to migrate to the new popular land. From 2200B.C to around 1400B.C King Minos, with an intelligent culture of people, started writing and began metal technologies. The Minoan culture lasted until around 1400B.C, when the Mycenaean's conquered the Minoans. The Mycenaean's generally lived in small communities, and made their wealth through trade of agriculture and other goods. Unfortunately, the Mycenaean's were a war culture which led to its eventual self-destruction around 1000B.C along with Egypt and Hittite, leading to the Greek Dark Age. The tragic failure of the Mycenaean's society led to tough life for the people of Greece for the next 250 years, until around 750B.C when the people of Greece decided to make an independent city-state. And so, what is now considered Ancient Greece was born.
             The First Period of Ancient Greece was the Archaic Age, from about 750B.C-480B.C. During the Archaic age, people began to build a foundation towards the idea of a city-state, while also expanding to different regions in search of precious metals. Each community had different degrees of control, and different communities had different prosperities because of location, nonetheless, all used the revolutionary idea of a city-state. By 500 B.C, Greece had colonies in Spain, France, other places to mine for precious metals and Sparta became the most powerful city-state in Greece. With so many communities, competition is bound to arise and did leading to the Athenian Empire. .
             The 2nd Ancient Greek period, the Athenian Empire, was from around 480B.C - 359B.C. During the late 400'sB.C, cities started to grow leading to Athens and Sparta becoming the local Greek powers. These two domestic powers did not generally get along, but both realized they needed each others alliance because of threats such as the Persian army.

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