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Life in Achient Athens

             Athenian life was portrayed as a superior lifestyle. They were thought of as a wealthy civilization with good education. This was not all true the Athenian lifestyle was not all it was made out to be. In Athens women had less rights. Education was not that good in Athens. There were many wealthy people in Athens but there were many poor also. Athens like most of Greece had many arts. Athens was overall pretty average for this time period.
             In the Bronze Age Athens grew around the Acropolis (geocities). Athens was not very important in the Bronze age (geocities). After the Trojan wars ended the Dark Age started in about 1200 B.C. (geocities). The Dorian invasions occurred in the Dark ages (geocities). Athens grew in size during the Dark ages (geocities). In 850 B.C. the Greek renaissance began (geocities). During this time the population increased greatly and many new innovations came about (geocities). Athens has reformed over these years, but it was about to have a much bigger reform.
             A person named Solon came along after Athens old ruler was overthrown .
             because he oppressed the farmers (geocities). Solon made a compromise for the .
             farmers (geocities). Solon was a much better ruler then the previous ruler. Solon .
             made economical reforms by helping the farmers (geocities). Solon also made .
             constitutional reforms that started the ideas for democracy (geocities). Solon also .
             divided citizens into four separate classes based on the amount of property they .
             owned (geocities). For the different classes he gave them different rights .
             (geocities). The best part of Solon's citizen reform is that the classes were .
             ditermined by wealth instead of birth so you could change your class. .
             After a while of solon's rule a tyrant named Pisistratus took over (geocities). .
             Pisistratus improved the economy and he made many new public building .
             (geocities). He also made Athens a very strong city (geocities). After his reign of .
             thirty-three years his son Hippias took over (geocities).

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