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Civilizations of Sparta and Athens

            Civilizations of earlier times play a big part in the cultures and morals of today. Certain civilizations played bigger parts in being better founding role models for future generations than others. .
             The Spartans and Athens certainly showed different ways of being great role models. Both civilizations showed cultural greatness and were convinced that they should enjoy supremacy alone.
             Considering which civilization is a better founding role model for future generations is a challenging decision. Although, in more that one way, the Athenians were a better role model according to the economical, social, and political traits of their civilization. The Athenians excelled in their economic area because of their expertise in trade, business, and currency. Athens had many allies and ports in which they could trade with. They had actual currency and a very good environment. .
             The social characteristics of the Athenians were convincing as well. They believed that people led empty lives if they failed to use their minds and develop all their talents. The Athenians considered marriage an important institution. Parents arranged marriages when their children reached the ages of 13 and 14. This is a good aspect of their culture because of the fact that Spartans never had much time for family life. Boys were taught manners at an early age while girls stayed at home and did not receive as much schooling. .
             The people of Athens led in the creation of democracy and took several centuries, but finally developed a democratic government. There was a good organization of officials known as archons. There were judges and many great reformers as well. Athens had many allies and controlled most of the trading which was a great boost to the economy of Athens, which had a very powerful navy. The navy may not have been their key in the war but Athenians had many other accomplishments to claim. The Athenians had reasons to be proud of their political freedom and many artistic ways.

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