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Ancient Athens and Sparta

            In contrast to Sparta, Athens provided the best model in ancient Greece. Based on its brilliant education system it was able to provide future civilizations with a Democracy. The distribution of rights to their citizens and city state society emphasized a system of freedom and equality, which allowed for the flourishment of this democratic society. (Goldhill, 1) In contrast to Sparta, their participation in the government and cultural diversity provided them many alliances for the greater development of this civilization. Educated Athenian individuals brought forth many innovations for Ancient Greece, which were perceived as guidelines for empires. (Creighton, 1).
             The political system in Athens drastically contrasted the Spartans'. Sparta had an Oligarchy which meant their society was ruled by few. (Nosotro, 1) It had two Kings, five overseers, a council and an assembly. The Kings would command, lead the army and perform religious duties. The five overseers, who were chosen annually, would control daily operations in Sparta along with the rules established by the council and assembly. Only Spartan males over the age of 30 could be a part of the assembly by shouting whether they agree or disagree with the councils proposals which may have caused inaccurate results. In contrast to this the Athenian government had elected officials, this included ten generals, magistrates, etc., a council of 500 and an assembly. (The Greeks Multimedia, 1) The official's positions were selected by lot in order to maintain equality and Athenians believed every citizen was capable of holding authority. The council would administer all decisions made by the assembly, which was open to any Athenian citizen. The assembly had a specific meeting place where they would discuss daily events and would pass laws. Eventually jury service was established, which is where citizens were paid to be a part of the jury, allowing everyone in Athenian society to participate in order to create equality.

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