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Three Women by Sylvia Plath

            The birth of a child may be one of the most astonishing experiences in a women's life. For many, it changes their lives in many ways based on their experience throughout the whole process. There are many ways to conceive a child, however in Sylvia Plath's "Three Women", the three most common scenarios are portrayed along with their experiences. It's important that we appreciate the struggles that women go through, as not all of us have to endure it. Giving birth can be a blessing and a curse for many women at different stages of their life but for many of us it's always seen as a great milestone.
             The first voice gives the perspective of what it is like for most women as they give birth. Like most women, she awaits her child and believes it is the best thing that could have happened to her. As the typical woman she portrays what most women would imagine their pregnancy turning out. Furthermore she describes the pains she has to go through during the time she is giving labor but nevertheless it is all worth it at the end. It seems to be her first child, as like the typical mother, she becomes overprotective and wants the best for her beloved child. It is a great portrayal of what a typical childbirth is for many women all around the world.
             In contrast the second voice portrays what it is like to give birth in a very stressful environment and the challenges women face with miscarriages. As a stressed out office worker the second voice goes through many miscarriages and comes to the conclusion that men are the reason of her misfortune. She eventually grows sick just about everything that men do and do not do, such as giving birth to children. Furthermore it is devastating when women are unable to give birth to a child, making them feel useless and lifeless eventually leading them into deep depressions. .
             She soon begins to accept the fact that her inability to produce life is overshadowed by her ability to bring death to the world.

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