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Romantic Poetry

            Ladies And gentlemenn, It is Valentines Day. The Day When Greeting Card companies And Romantics Alike Come Together to spread the sentiment that Love Is Everywhere - is in the Very ground that we Walk on, is In the atmoshpere. However, Today, At This Luncheon, For the sake Of everyone's Mental health, I would Like To advise You That This is Not true. .
             Love, ladies And Gentlemen, Is Not In The air. There is No "Love Train", "Love Town", or "Love Shack", and As I"m certain Many Women can assure you, Love Never "Grows where Rosemary Goes". Love, Contrary To Popular belief, Is Not an overiding force that encompasses all things - Rather, it is a force that originates within us, And concerns, not the birds, bees, flowers or trees, But Only Us. Love is In our Heads - Nowhere else. .
             The Insular nature of Love is not nesscessarily a bad thing - rather, it Can inspire Us to do and say Beautiful and wonderful things. However, as with all things concerning our fragile human minds, Love has the Potential to be very, very dangeous. To fall In Love is to play a game of emotional Russian roulette - You Could walk away from Love Better, braver, And Happier than before - or, You Could Be shot in the head, In this case with the bullet called "Madness". .
             Madness, Or Insanity, is inherent in all beings. All of us Live In Constant Danger of decending into Madness - many of us eventually do, through the process of Old Age. Some Of Us Are Born Slightly mad - Many Of These Individuals are Called "Geniuses", Or, More commonly, "Sociopaths", depending on which extreme the madness leans toward. And Then There are those of us Who Go mad - Those Of us who experience something that leaves us shattered, Never the same. It is this latter brand of madness That I"d Like to elaborate upon.
             Just as fear is the root of Hatred, Love is the Root Of madness. Love Is a emotion That takes us Over, and when we are unable to free ourselves from it's Clutches, and function normally, we may be considered mad.

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