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Ordination Of Women

             Should or should we not allow women to be ordained. This continues to be one of the most debated topics in the catholic society today. There are many, in fact, tons of resources, facts, opinions, and articles on whether women should be ordained or not. But, the fact of the matter is you can do all the research you want and come to your own opinion. Someone will be there to challenge it and give his or her views. Who's right or wrong does not matter. Women's ordination has its positives and negatives. Depending on how you look at it will make your opinion. For me, I believe women should be ordained. I have many reasons to believe this and in the following paper I will explain why I believe this and give the evidence I found while doing research that supports my stance. First I will clarify the issue and give some points from both sides to show why ordaining women is a debated subject. .
             The issue at hand is obviously the ordination of women. But what is the real issue? Why are so many people opposed to ordination? Is it tradition? Is it that some people feel insecure or some men felt that this would put some woman higher then them? This may sound ridiculous, but I believe there is a bigger issue at hand here than most people think. Why is women's ordination such a problem? To clarify the issues I will first point out the different views. There are two distinct sides that have strong views. First, here are the protesters. One belief of the church being against the ordination is simply because of tradition. The church has never ordained women and believes that tradition should be kept by keeping them from doing so. The church can make changes that would allow this but they refuse to do so. When Jesus choose the twelve apostles he did not choose any women. The church does not feel it should change things that represent the intentions of Jesus. Although the church refuses to ordinate women they don't see this as an insult towards them.

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