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Equality and Justice in the Catholic Church

            A major discord in the Catholic Church today is the role of women in the Church. It seems that while the rest of the world is diligently working towards equalizing all differences between men and women, the Church is also struggling to blend old traditions with new trends and beliefs. For the most part the Church has kept pace with the secular world's view's on women's rights and roles, however there remains one issue in which the Church has not wavered and that issue is the ordination of women. Why isn't the church willing to compromise its standards? Because to do so would require that the Church re-write the very scriptures on which it is founded. Women have played vital roles in the development and progression of Catholicism by means of education, missionaries, and various other liaisons positions. Many of the doctrine of the Church interrupt the exclusion of women from priesthood as a necessity of women's safety. Exposing women to the same work environment and hazards that men are exposed to would compromise the humanitarian efforts set forth by the Church.
             Probably the most common opposing view or support for the ordination of women is that there is no solid evidence that Jesus believed women were inferior to men. Any noted discrimination can be attributed to the social norms of the times in which Christ lived. In his itinerant ministry Jesus was accompanied not only by the Twelve disciples but also by a group of women; Mary, Joanna, Susanna and several others who provided for him out of their own resources. Another argument for the ordination of women is that traditionally there is no evidence that Christ excluded women from the Church. In fact Christ's call has gone out to all women everywhere whether they are Mary or Martha, to give of themselves and their talents for the service of the Church. And finally, one can argue for the ordinations of women based on the fact that the Catholic Church is basing many of its beliefs and doctrines on ancient laws and tradition, which are not relevant to today's laws and social standards.

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