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The Changing Times of Gender Roles

            In modern day society roles of men and woman have changed immensely, our world is a different place for it and it is still evolving as we speak. What was once a very one sided man dominated world has slowly but surely changed with time. Woman now are more liberated today than ever before in history and the new modern world is feeling the growing pains of this change, even though the change is necessary, it is most certainly affecting our world and the way people interact with each other in rather problematic ways. Once upon a time not so long ago men were the sole bread winners, authority figures and the leaders of the world. Their roles were very definite and they played their part without any complaints as a whole. It was a simple way of life for men in that they would basically work and then return home to a home that was cleaned, dinner was ready, the kids were in bed and his clothes for the next day laundered and laid out for him. .
             Never once did men ever think about all the work that was necessary for these mundane tasks to be completed and in fact men down right expected it. Men were the kings of their domain and quite literally the world. On the other side of the coin in obscurity were the woman who cared for the men, prepped their meals, cared for the children in fact 95% of the chores of everyday life fell upon the burdened backs of the women these men professed love for. This way of life was one of servitude for these women as history has showed us slavery never truly lasts it will eventually be brought down by the slaves themselves and that is how the modern woman of today have reaped the benefits fought for so diligently by the women before them. As you can infer from the previous lay out of the roles for both men and woman you can easily see which role has faced the greatest challenges and that is women. Women have since the dawn of history quietly and subserviently served men as a domestic maid, lover, mother and personal chef.

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