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Society and Gender Roles

            Genderization is a trait that has been part of us since the evolution from the cavemen era. We as human beings subconsciously place others in one of the two gender categories: woman or man. Although this takes place without recognizing it, at times we do it to ourselves as well. Society plays a big role on what is expected from each gender and in many cases they set very distinct standards for men and women. When does society start individualizing us as a certain gender? It may be that it happens in the delivery room or in primary school or once puberty stage hits.
             Even before a child has been conceived, the parents and family members are already placing gender expectations on that unborn child. The first question in people's mind is, do you want a boy or a girl? From the answer, given gender expectations start to roll out of people's mouths. If it's a boy he will grow up to become a firefighter just like his grandfather or a lawyer or possibly run his own company. But if it's a girl she will make a great nurse or teacher. Their future careers have been mentally assigned based on their gender and overlooked on what their sexual orientation might be. The sexual orientation of a person is much different from their gender. A person can be born with girl or boy characteristics, or probably both. But later on in their life they may change their sexual orientation from masculine to feminine or vice versa. Does their role in society change thereafter, or do they have the right to maintain their current position and be able to live with their changed sexual orientation? It seems as though a person's status and position in society's workforce is based on their proposed gender.
             Little boys and girls are exposed from a very young age to the various roles of "man" and "woman." It all starts at home and continues into grade school and throughout their adulthood as they are influenced by the standards of society.

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