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The Road to Resilience

            How does one learn to deal with difficult occurrences in life? Considering the rapid rate at which time flies by, how can one cope with the changing environment? How can one overcome the pain of failing, of losing, of loving, of trying? The answer is simple-resiliency. It is known as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. But being resilient does not necessarily imply a burden-free life. It simply shows that you were strong enough to hold on and move forward. Strong enough to go on despite the constant letdowns from people. Strong enough to be strong.
             It all dates back to when I first took an entrance exam in St. Pedra Poveda College. Having a dad who was an Overseas Filipino Worker, I was a kid who lived a suitcase life; Traveling to different places, moving to different houses, and shifting from school to school, gave me the confidence to believe that I was overqualified to enter any school I wanted without exerting much effort -- BIG MISTAKE. I was too complacent that even when I was already informed about the exams being arduous, I still insisted on relying through the basic human stock knowledge. And when the very day of the exam proper came, the rest of the examinees I was up against were all so well prepared. Where as I, on the other hand, knew no match to that competition. It seemed to be a dead end for me before the exam even started. Nevertheless, I was not worried nor nervous, for I strongly believed in myself and my capabilities. A few months later, the exam results were released, and to my disbelief, I did not make the cut-off mark. Ouch. It was my first time to fail an entrance exam and I never thought it would be so degrading. All was lost; my pride, my ego, my confidence, and even my faith. How could have God let this happen to me? I prayed so hard every night, faithfully believing that he would not let me down, and this is what I get? .

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